Barber Storage

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“Working with Monty and his team was great. They were cooperative, answered my calls night or day and if I had a question they would run it down and do it. I actually wasn’t even trying to sell. I was introduced to Monty by a mutual friend and we worked out a deal. When it comes along and looks right and you know the person you’re working with is honest and trustworthy, then you do it and make a sound business decision. I would definitely recommend Monty and his team.”

– Oscar Barber, Barber Self Storage

Minton Interests

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“My experience with Monty and his team was excellent. They’re very responsive and always available to take my call. I think it’s pretty obvious that his team is very professional and it doesn’t take long for you to know you’re being treated with respect and that they’re going to handle all of your needs. I can’t say enough good things.”
– Thomas Minton, Minton Interests

Brad Brodie

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“It was a smooth process start to finish. We had a short timeframe to close this – from the time I initially talked with Fred and Monty, we had 90 days to not only complete due diligence but close and we closed right on time. I’ve been in the storage business for 25 years. I enjoy what I do and working with folks like Monty and his team gives me the opportunity to continue doing what I’m doing with a little less stress. I would highly recommend Monty and already have.”

– Brad Brodie, Storage Development, Inc.